LADWP Home Energy Improvement Program

Home Energy Improvement Program (HEIP)

HEIP Assessor
HEIP Assessor

The LADWP Home Energy Improvement Program or (HEIP) is a free program for energy efficient upgrades offered to residential customers. Once you are approved, they send trained energy technicians to your house for a comprehensive assessment of your entire house’s energy useage.

It took about a month to get approved for the program, and about 2 weeks after that they came out to my house. They took my house through a battery of tests checking my insulation, window and door sealing, sprinkler systems, toilets, shower heads and more. They did a combustion test on my hot water heater and stove. Checked my thermostat, tested all of my smoke detectors, replacing some with a 10 year battery model for free. They put in a new CO detector in a better position in my hallway and replaced nearly all of my lightbulbs with CLFs.

They did all of this 100% for free.


They might have done more, but, if you know me, I keep the place pretty energy efficient anyway. Had I not had proper insulation; if I didn’t have low-flow shower heads and toilets; they would have sent out a skilled technician to complete the upgrades. The products that they use are not high-end, but they will save energy and money.  (And if you are about to sell and need these items for a city compliance certificate – here is your chance to get these things done for free!)

It is a fantastic program to see where your house is as far as energy useage. I was pretty proud that he said mine was one of the best houses that he had seen in my area. All in all, I was glad to have had an assessment and I know I will not run out of lightbulbs for the next 5 years.

Learn more about the LADWP Home Energy Improvement Program HEIP.

HEIP Application


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