Ways to Hold Title on Real Property

I was just speaking with title officer Brandon Miller from Fidelity Title about some of the different ways people can hold title to their real estate. He sent me this fantastic cheat sheet that I would like to share with you.imgres

Why should people should put their home in a Trust?  (This makes sure that if something happens to you, your loved ones have a directive on how to take care of your property.  It keeps it out of costly and time consuming probate!  PLEASE, if you love your family, get a trust.)  Why do investors want a property to be held in an LLC?  What protections does an LLC offer?

Below is a single sheet from Brandon Miller of Fidelity Title that makes it all clear and easy to understand.

Ways to Hold Title of Real Property

If you have any questions Brandon or I would be happy to talk with you about pros and cons of your options.
Brandon Miller
Fidelity National Title

How to Enjoy a Compost Pit Without the Stench

By Guest Blogger Jaron Clinton

Pallet compost binThere are plenty of reasons to have a compost pit, such as excellent mulch and waste reduction, and if you are moving to a new home and want to grow a garden, now is the best time to give it a shot.

Compost pits use the decomposition power from billions of microorganisms that are commonly found in healthy soil to decompose lawn rubbish and kitchen waste into fertilizer growing plants can use. Some people like to maintain an indoor compost bucket in something smaller such as an empty and clean paint can. This is tremendously beneficial because it saves you the effort of going out to your compost pit every single time you have something to contribute to it. The soil created makes great fertilizer for most plants—everything from sunflowers to corn.

Compost BinsA compost pit also serves as an excellent way to recycle food and lawn trash that would otherwise clog up landfills and add more problems to our already worsening climate. For items that should not be composted, make sure you utilize landfill diversion techniques to keep our planet clean. Creating a compost pit is a simple process that doesn’t take up too much time or space, but if you don’t create the pit properly then it can take on a bit of an unpleasant odor. Luckily, eliminating this is a pretty easy process.

Source: http://www.instructables.com/id/Pallet-Compost-Bin/

The first and most important step to eliminate a smelly compost pile is to make sure the ingredients are properly mixed and aerated. “A healthy compost pile needs plenty of oxygen mixed in. Otherwise, aerobic bacteria (those that need oxygen to metabolize the organic materials) cannot function, and decomposition will be driven instead by anaerobic bacteria, which produce foul-smelling gasses as byproducts of their metabolism,” according to WikiHow. The easiest method to ensure that the aerobic bacteria do their job is to use a rotating compost bin. When this is not an option, make sure to turn or mix the pile every few days with a shovel or pitchfork.

If that doesn’t solve your stinky pit of soon-to-be fertilizer, then take a peek at the size of materials you’re using. Subpar airflow can also be a result of materials that are too small and don’t leave enough room for air to sweep through. “For example, a compost pile composed largely of sawdust will be difficult to aerate, as the small pieces of sawdust will fit together snugly and prevent air from flowing through the pile,” the WikiHow article states. “To prevent this problem, integrate larger or looser materials into your pile. Tree limbs and cardboard scraps are good materials for this purpose.”

Finally, if that still isn’t working to get the air flowing then you’re stuck making sure your pile isn’t too wet. Air finds it difficult to push through a moist environment. A handful of compost should have the dampness of a wrung out sponge.

If by chance your compost pile is getting enough airflow but still smells, then take a look at what you’re tossing in there. Eliminating meat from your diet is a great benefit to society, as livestock account for a staggering one-fifth of global greenhouse gasses and 75 percent of deforestation, and similarly, meat should never find its way into your compost pile.

Rich CompostLearning how to compost is an awesome experience that gives you a better understanding of how the decomposition process works. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better fertilizer in your local hardware store, and so long as you wear proper sun protection, being outside to toil through the pit is good exercise. The only downside beginners often encounter is the smell, but by following these tips the only thing you’ll be smelling will be a bed of growing flowers.

Rain Barrel Pick-Up Free with Rebate May 31st.

Rain Barrels International IMG_2538Don’t miss your chance to get up to 4 rain barrels free with rebate.  Follow the links to purchase your rain barrel at: Rain Barrels International  You can only do one one-time rebate per household so make sure you get enough for your whole yard.

South Robertson Neighborhood Council

Orders are now being taken for a May 31, 2015 pickup date. Distribution will be from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Hamilton High School, 2955 South Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. Only rain barrels ordered in advance on the form below are guaranteed to be available.

Specifications of each rain barrel:
Designed with brass spigot for garden hose attachment
Barrel has a screen to prevent mosquitoes from accessing water
Side brass overflow
Made from plastic reused food grade barrels
Color Available: Black and Terra Cotta
*Color subject to availability

Price – $85.00 each

Payment is made via Paypal Secure Network after the form below is filled out.

For questions contact info@RainBarrelsIntl.com


Save Water – Save LA Great Success.

Flip Your Home Can Help

Flip Your Home

We don’t want to buy your home, we want to help you sell it for more money! 

Flip Your Home

Flip Your Home is a team of real estate and remodeling experts getting sellers maximum profits by connecting investors to pay for renovations.

You own or inherited a home that is or has become too difficult to maintain.  The systems are old, outdated, and potentially unsafe.  You might want to unload the property or retire to an easier life, but can’t sell the house getting the profits you need.  You might be over your head and feel helpless, but Flip Your Home can help you find the hidden gold hidden in your property.

You could fix up your own property for resale, but you don’t have the money, time or skill to renovate a home. Meanwhile, the biggest investment you ever made left you penniless and hopeless.  WE ARE NOT TRYING TO BUY YOUR HOME!

 What if we could get an investor to pay for renovations to your home and you could split the profits when it sells? The investor pays for the construction and everyone comes out ahead at the end of the transaction when your house sells for more than the current, unrenovated value.

 Your investment is your home — There is NO COST TO YOU. The Flip Your Home team uses its knowledge of the market, investors and contractors to create a marketable home.  We are professional home designers, builders and marketers who have years of experience flipping homes.

We work WITH your home, managing the process every step of the way, to renovate and sell your home for maximum value.

With the Flip Your Home program investors partner with the homeowner. The homeowner’s part of the investment is their home: you, as the investor, provide money for the renovations. The profits get divided between you and the homeowner with a small Flip Your Home service fee


Each deal is individually negotiated. All projects must be pre-qualified. Each investment is a risk and no profits are guaranteed.

(844) 2 FLP HOM (844) 235 – 7466 info@flip-your-home.com
© Copyright 2014 Flip Your Home LLC. All rights reserved.

Play the Save Every Drop Game (Outside your home)

I belong to the South Robertson Neighborhood Council’sGreen Team.  One of our long time members mentioned a few tips that she uses to save water at her own house.  I want to share some of them with you.

Harvest rainwater from your roof.  Rainwater is ideal for vegetable gardens and is oxygenated, which gives plants more vigour.  Many cities offer rain barrels at low or free cost and they are easy to install under a downspout from your gutters. Put a garbage can next to barrel to catch overflow.

Inexpensive way to divert water from the street and on to your plants when it rains again. Attach a Flex-A-Spout, it attaches to your drain and can be directed towards your plants. Even a Frisbee under the drain will do well in some areas.

Why buy a watering can when you can make one out of an old milk jug? It’s as simple as poking a few holes with a heated pin or nail into the cap of your bottle.

Make your own watering can
Make your own watering can

Or you can fill gallon jugs with water that have smaller holes that can slowly soak into your plants over time.  It becomes a time release watering device.

Gardener & water musts: Talk to your gardeners and know what they are doing.

Let the grass grow to twice the typical length. The denser grass will help reduce evaporation and lessen your water usage.

Use of water on hard surfaces such as sidewalks is still not allowed. Have gardener use a broom instead of a hose to clean driveways & sidewalks.

Watering when it’s hot and sunny is wasteful because most of the water evaporates before the plants have time to drink it. Use a layer of organic mulch on the surface of your planting beds to minimize weed growth that competes for water. Even grass clippings work well.

To incentivize conservation, SoCal Water Smarts popular turf removal program pays residential customers $3 per square foot for turf removed and replaced with California friendly landscaping. Customers can also take advantage of the department’s rebate program by installing weather-based smart irrigation sprinkler controls that automatically gauge whether watering is necessary. There are also free items, low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators, which are available for pickup at any of LADWP’s regional Customers Service Centers.

Los Angeles watering day rules
Los Angeles watering day rules


Los Angeles Watering rules:  

Odd addresses: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Even addresses: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays

Run sprinklers 8 mins max per station before 9 a.m. and after 4 p.m. only,

for more info  www.ladwp.com


A Realtor’s Stage Production

All the Sales a StageI have come to realize selling houses is a bit like being in a play. You are so excited to get the role (listing), you study the lines (features of home), rehearse (create marketing materials), perform the show (open houses- negotiations-inspections-negotiations again) take a curtain call (sign off on contingencies) then when the show is over (the sale goes through) you get sad the project is over and are back to looking for another role.

I am happy and sad to have sold another one.

Sherman Oaks Gated Hideaway for Sale

3389 Camino de la Cumbre
3389 Camino de la Cumbre

OPEN HOUSES 12-20-13 (11-2pm) and 12-22-13 (1-4pm) 

3389 Camino de la Cumbre is a three bedroom, three bath Harry Stein mid-century home that is beautifully landscaped and decked with a true indoor / outdoor flow for entertaining or dining under the trees. With polished concrete and hardwood floors, brick fireplace, remodeled bathrooms and designer touches this is one stylish home. The third bedroom and bathroom are over the garage for an office or guest suite. Visit one of the most convenient locations in Sherman Oaks right off of Mulholland and Beverly Glen in the Roscomare Elementary school district and make this your home.


• Single story mid-century
• 3 bedrooms, 3 baths
• 3rd bedroom/bath functions as a guest house
• Beautifully updated baths
• Polished concrete and wood floors
• Newer drainage system and roof
• Gated and private


Bike or Walk for a Frack Free Los Angeles

Bike and Walk For a Frack Free Los Angeles
Los Angeles is being FRACKED!

Bike & Walk for Frack Free Los Angeles
Bike & Walk for Frack Free Los Angeles

Los Angeles Global Frackdown is a community gathering focused on the fracking taking place in the Los Angeles Basin and around Culver City, followed by an optional biking tour and walking brigade! Local food vendors will also be attending.

The event will feature speakers from local groups, highlighting the effects of fracking on our local watersheds, community health and property values. We will hear from our neighbors in communities already affected by fracking. Elected officials will also speak about efforts to stop fracking in cities across Los Angeles.

If you’re not familiar, fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is the process of injecting millions of gallons of water, sand and toxic chemicals thousands of feet into the ground to break up oil and gas formations. Even when the most up-to-date techniques are used, highly toxic leakage can and does occur. These wells can also malfunction or blow out in the face of a natural disaster, like earthquakes.

The rally will be followed by an optional 5-7 mile bike ride that tours the surrounding area to show how fracking is affecting the Culver City and Baldwin Hills communities. The bike ride will start at Veterans Memorial Park, make it’s way to the Inglewood Oil Field via the Ballona Creek and West LA College, and travel back again to Veterans Park.

If you don’t have a bike, you can join the walking brigade! We will walk a shorter route through the streets of Culver City with signs to raise awareness about fracking.

This is a family friendly event. A helmet is mandatory if you plan to ride your bike with us. Also, make sure to bring water and sunscreen!

Find this event on Facebook! http://fwwat.ch/LAGFDfb

This event is supported by:
Cicle L.A.
Citizens Coalition for a Safe Community
Community Services Unlimited, Inc
She Cycles 2
Physicians for Social Responsibility – Los Angeles
Baldwin Hills Oil Watch
Hunger Action Los Angeles
Culver City Bicycle Coalition
East San Fernando Valley Greens
L.A. Greens
Ballona Creek Renaissance
LA Waterkeeper
Occupy Venice

October is the Best Time for fun in Los Angeles

If you are looking for something fun and exciting to do in Los Angeles you don’t have to search far to find it.  Just look at this list of October events!  I am a sucker for Haunted Houses so you know I will be at Los Angeles Haunted Hayride and Universal Studios….

Starting October 3
Dark Harbor 2013
Queen Mary
www.queenmary.comUntil October 6
The Wizard of Oz
Pantages Theater

Until October 31
Los Angeles Haunted Hayride
Griffith Park (Old Zoo)

October 1-3
In the Pink: Girls Night Out
The Comedy & Magic Club – Hermosa Beach

October 2
Depeche Mode
Staples Center

October 3-6
10th Anniversary Celebration: Dudamel & Bronfman
Walt Disney Concert Hall

October 4-6
Reyes Adobe Days
Reyes Adobe Historical Site

October 5
Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic
Will Rogers State Historic Park

October 5
The 20th Angel Festival
Memorial Park – Sierra Madre

October 5
Team Spirit Breast & Ovarian Cancer 5K and 10K
McKenna’s on the Bay

October 6
BrideWorld Expo Los Angeles County
Pasadena Convention Center
www.herecomestheguide.comOctober 8-13
Bel Air Film Festival
LA County

October 10
Downtown Burbank

October 10-13
Rodeo Drive Festival Of Watches
Beverly Hills

October 11
3rd Annual The Taste Of Mexico
LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes

October 11
Bon Jovi
Staples Center

October 11
LA Opera – Phillip Glass & Robert Wilson’s Einstein On The Beach
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

October 11-13
Sunscreen Film Festival
Manhattan Beach

October 13
Beyond the Shore Festival
Redondo Beach Seaside Lagoon

October 19
Walk To End Alzheimer’s- Long Beach
Rainbow Lagoon Park

October 20
Beethoven, Bagels & Banter
The Broad Stage
thebroadstage.comOctober 24-27
Progressive Insurance Strictly Sail Long Beach
Shoreline Village in Rainbow Harbor

October 25-27
Los Angeles Oktoberfest 2013

October 27
Skechers Pier to Pier Friendship Walk
Manhattan Beach Pier

October 27
16th Annual LA Cancer Challenge 5K/10K Run/Walk & Kids Can Cure Fun Run
Veterans Administration Grounds

October 29
LA Lakers vs LA Clippers
Staples Center

October 30
LA Kings vs San Jose Sharks
Staples Center

October 31
Halloween Silent Film: The Phantom Of The Opera
Walt Disney Concert Hall

Response to So Cal Real Estate Bubble Article.

Is it a Boom or a Bubble?  Interesting article I read asked for thoughts.  These are mine.

Let me just start by saying I am an agent on the Westside of Los Angeles, and my comments are for my specific market.

Prices go up, they go down, that is the nature of all markets in capitalism not just real estate. Are you going to continually call every market a bubble? Yes, the prices are up and yes, there is very little inventory creating competition for properties out there driving prices up even higher.

BUT, the money markets are different than they were 10 years ago. People could get loans based on fraudulent information making money easy to come by, easy to throw around and easy to walk away from properties purchased. People were able to inflate prices because the buyers could get loans for them. As the lending industry has tightened, the loans are given to people that have the good credit and skin in the game (20% down), making default unlikely. The market has also opened up to foreign money in a way never experienced before.

In LA, if you writing an offer with a loan with less than 20% down, chances are you will be passed up by most sellers. Here it seems that most affordable properties have at least one all cash or non-loan contingent offer. Here we are not dealing with theoretical money on paper, we are dealing with real money. For people to foreclose, they will be losing a lot more than credit scores. This makes the likelihood of mass foreclosures leading to a bubble burst more unlikely.

That being said, there are 2 things I see that will bring prices down. 1) Interest rates going up will make buying power go down so prices can take a hit. Again, in LA I am seeing so many cash deals I wonder how much of a fall it will take. And 2) when sellers realize the money they can get for houses, and everyone decides to put their houses on the market, that will quell inventory scarcity.

However, think about what your parents paid for their house, what your grandparents paid for theirs…. Even with inflation, I really don’t think it is possible to say overall the markets were ever a true bust. Don’t think of homes like stocks and you will do fine.

It really makes me sad that people like Lee are so prevalent today.  (People that hate real estate agents and blame them for crazy markets.)  Agents and brokers are here to help people purchase and sell homes. We are advisers and not creators of the markets. We study and advise. We don’t create the capitalist system we are working within. Supply and demand are still the real creators of the market we work in.

And guess what? House flipping enables upgrades in dusty neighborhoods that most buyers are not willing to take on themselves. Yeah, people get paid for that. Hopefully you get paid for the service you provide to society. (Crappy house flipping excluded in opinion.) (Another comment aimed at “Lee” who seems to hate flippers.)